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Medicine Producers and Importers Union (MPI Union) of Armenia was founded in 2003, by the initiative of 10 companies. Country’s leading pharmaceutical companies are involved the union, which provide the majority of the total volume of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the country.

MPI Union vision:

As a component of RA national security, to have country's strategic medicine providing pharmaceutical industry, that provides the self-sufficiency of the country.

MPI Union mission:

Promote to the establishment and development of Armenian competitive pharmaceutical industry for creation of favorable conditions of production and import of quality, safe and available medicines and medical goods.

MPI Union goals:

  • To provide fair and equal competition in the industry,
  • To integrate Armenian companies into international pharmaceutical market,
  • To implement constantly improvements of working style,
  • To strengthen the authority of the Union.

MPI Union objectives:

  • The continuous monitoring of legislation related to pharmaceutical, economic and other areas; the presenting of legislative proposals to RA government; the protection of common interests of pharmaceutical industry in parliament of RA,
  • The development, adoption and implementation of ethics for pharmaceutical industry,
  • Promotion of the advanced technologies and international standards introduction to pharmaceutical companies,
  • Organization of pharmacists training and support in relevant the programs,
  • Development and implementation of workable mechanisms for Armenian pharmaceutical products‘ progressive introduction into local and foreign markets,
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of information about local and foreign pharmaceutical markets,
  • Awareness raising of Armenian pharmaceutical products in the domestic market,
  • Provision of relations and cooperation of the industry with international and foreign organizations.

The Union continues its expansion with the principle in mind that the involvement of more participants of the market in its activities will greatly increase its effectiveness which ultimately will trigger the development of the MPI Union’s members and the whole pharmaceutical sector of RA.


MPI Union Members

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EAEU & CIS Pharmaceutical forum 2018

Pharma Magazine


In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.



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