The Structure of Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia





 Member companies of Medicine Producers and Importers Union (MPI Union) of Armenia according to their general activities represent the following groups:

  • Medicine Producers,
  • Medicine Importers,
  • Representations of foreign medicine producer companies.

The congress of Union participants is the highest body of MPI Union management, who has executive jurisdiction to:

  • Make changes and additions in the charter of the Union and to establish the charter in new edition,
  • Select managers and inspectors of the Union and to terminate their authorities,
  • Establish the reports of Union managers and inspectors,
  • Establish annual reports and accounting balances of the Union,
  • Dismiss Union participants from the Union,
  • Make decisions about reorganization and liquidation of the Union,
  • Found branches, representation and institutions and to establish annual results of their work.

The executive director heads MPI Union, who:

  • Conducts current actions of the Union,
  • Signs deals, contracts, agreements and confirms other documents on behalf of the Union,
  • Coordinates the activities of the Union subdivisions,
  • Hires and dismisses the stuff,
  • Gives authorities,
  • Represents the Union in relations with other organization,
  • Validates the financial documents of the Union.

In the structure of MPI Union operate:

  • The permanent (Arbitrate) group, whose function is the examination of disagreements and applications, related with the Code violations of MPI Union Marketing activities.
  • “GXP” Scientific Centre of Excellence, the activities of which are:
    • Professional training,
    • Pre-compliance consulting,
    • Assessments,
    • Publication of “Pharma Digest” specialized journal of MPI Union,
    • Actual services of information,
    • Translation services,
    • Preparation of publications,
    • Electronic library services,
    • Consulting services for pharmaceutical and related spheres.

MPI Union organizes its activities through the following working groups:

  • Working group for development and strategy planning: studies, develops and presents offers related with; MPI Union activities, elimination of barriers for development and strategic planning of development,
  • Working group for policy and legal issues: studies the legal field and the tendencies of state policy of Armenian pharmaceutical sphere, develops and presents proposals for state policy improvement and for the perfection of legislation,
  • Working group for quality management: studies the requirements and potentials of quality management sphere in medicine producer and importer companies for standards implementation, develops and presents appropriate proposals,
  • Working group for market and marketing issues: studies the tendencies of medicine market and its marketing development, represents proposals related with the industry self-regulation and the regulation of the legislation,
  • Working group for exportation and importation: studies conditions and legal field of medicine importation and exportation, develops and presents proposals for the promotion of exportation and for the improvement of the conditions of importation,
  • Working group for monitoring and mass media relations: studies the status of pharmaceutical industry development in public relations and the situation of enlightening the problems and developments of the sphere by mass media, develops and presents appropriate proposals.

MPI Union Members

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EAEU & CIS Pharmaceutical forum 2018

Pharma Magazine


In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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