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VAT - reason for increase of prices on medicines

azdarar On 22nd of December during the broadcasting of news program "Azdarar" of "AR" Television Company the reference was made on pharmaceutical sphere, the prices of medicines' in Armenia and opportunities of reducing it. In the reportage the Executive Director of MPI Union Samuel Zakarian represented the necessity of providing tax privileges to the pharmaceutical industry which will mostly stimulate price reduction. The material reveals also the views of the officials of RA Ministry of Economy on the raised question.

Pharmaceutics as a perspective sphere

pharma-armenia-newsStarting from the Soviet era our pharmacology has been seriously tested: expired and unregistered drugs were spread. But recently the drug circulation sphere was regulated as well as relevant changes were made in the RA law on Drugs. There appeared to be gaps together with achievements. Counterfeit drugs still exist and there is a necessity to exercise control over their circulation. Public mistrust towards local production is an obstacle for the Armenian medicine producers despite the specialists’ statement that the local production doesn’t yield to foreign. It’s just the time to develop new drugs with Armenian origin. A hotline is planned to be developed due to which specialists can be informed about all the issues connected with drugs.

Participation of SMEs in exhibitions

smednc-news The SME Development National Center of Armenia “SME news” program of 1st of November 2011 was devoted to the SME participation in overseas exhibitions. The program with headline “Participation of SMEs in exhibitions/UNDP joint “Support to SME development in Armenia”; SMEs development in rural areas” represents the participation of Medicine producing companies of Armenia in international pharmaceutical exhibitions in Ukraine in May and September as well as the seminars on “Efficient Communication During Exhibitions” and “Efficient Management” organized with the support of the MPI Union and GXP Centre of Excellence.

To turn from importer into exporter: there are ways

hraparakum The RA Government “Hraparakum” program of 18th of October was devoted to the ways and perspectives of the export of local products. The program with the headline “To turn from importer into exporter: there are ways” represented the existing development and activities of the companies which are involved in the priority areas of the RA Government: pharmaceutics, production of brandy and IT. There was presentation of the member of MPI Union “Medical Horizon” in the program.

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Pharma Magazine


In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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