Armenpharm LLC


Armenpharm pharmaceutical company was founded in 22.05.1997. The company is mainly involved in the wholesale and retail trade of medicines, disinfectants, medical purpose items, cosmetics. Armenpharm pharmacy network’s mission is to help the people, care about each individual customer’s health. The milestones of Armenpharm company’s activities are the customer trust, health and good mood. We follow the principle of creating the most convenient and accessible conditions for our consumers. 


Astellas Pharma


The Japanese company “Astellas Pharma Inc.” was established in 2005 from the merger of two other companies: “Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” (founded in 1894) and “Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (founded in 1923). The company “Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.” is the European subsidiary of “Astellas Pharma Inc.” The company “Astellas” in aimed at improving the human health all over the world, by means of providing efficient innovative drugs for the areas of transplantology, urology, dermatology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology and oncology. The company’s experience and the targeted use of the resources allows “Astellas Pharma” to maintain leading positions in the development of innovative drugs for such diseases as benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, overactive bladder and a number of infectious diseases.




AZAD, a privately held company, was established in 2000 to exclusively handle Cilag’s global sales and marketing activities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).  Soon after, AZAD began to diversify its field of expertise in order to broaden its offer­ings and extend its presence in the healthcare industry.  Notably, AZAD concentrates on the following major areas:


Bio-Chem LTD


Bio-Chem LTD was established in 1991. Till 2007 the organization`s main activities  were the development of cosmetic products formulas, the manufacturing of cosmetic goods and the arrangement of production in Armenian market.Production   introduced by “Nica” brand name in Armenian and Georgian markets. 

In April 2012 the Goverment of Armenia awarded  the brand "Nica"  as  "The best Brand of the Year". 


Esco-Pharm LLC


ESCO-PHARM LLC as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company started its activity in 2011. Previously company was ESCULAP ​​LLC’s manufacturing department.

ESCULAP LLC is one of the leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. Company was founded in 1996 and specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of pharmaceutical products. Company’s manufacturing activity started in 1998. Currently company has a network of 26 pharmacies in Yerevan and in regions.



Representation in Armenia

gsk-logoGSK is a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative medicines and brands. GSK representative office was opened in Armenia in 1998.

With headquarters in the UK, we have a wide geographical reach. We have offices in more than 115 countries, major research centres in the UK, USA, Spain, Belgium and China and an extensive manufacturing network with 87 sites globally.


Les Laboratoires Servier


Les Laboratoires Servier (Servier) is a leading independent pharmaceutical company in France and second French pharmaceutical company in the world founded in 1954.

Servier is present in 140 countries over 5 continents, with more than 20 000 employees, from which close to 3000 in R&D.

Servier specializes in medication for cardiologic and rheumatologic conditions, as well as for diabetes and clinical depression. Over 769 million boxes of drugs were produced by Servier's production sites annually.


MLN Pharm


“MLN Pharm” was established in 2003. “MLN Pharm” company presents to the market the most innovative high-quality medicines. The company focuses on the following fields: endocrinology, oncology, psychiatry, and urology. Providing high-quality human insulin company ensures temperature circle from producer to the consumer.




Moosmann is a privately held company established in 2010 in order to bring unique drug products to the Armenian market. Moosmann’s business model is to find worldwide partners who have unique products and then draft an agreement that permits Moosmann to purchase the products for sales in Armenia and other territories of interest. Moosmann’s responsibilities are in Sales, Marketing and Regulatory affairs.


Treatberry Pharma

pharmagate logo

Treatberry Pharma with main office in Yerevan, Armenia, has an experienced management team and is engaged in supplying pharmaceutical products and unique medical equipment from well-known manufacturers. We provide distribution through our affiliated partners in different countries.

Our Partners
Treatberry Pharma has trade agreements with some reputable companies such as:

  1. ULURU Co.
  2. Adrien Gagnon Co.
  3. Varan Armenia Co.
  4. Varan Parto Darman Co.
  5. Arad Darou Co.
  6. AL Hikma Co.
  7. IRA Co

“Abbott Products”

Representation in Armenia


The company “Abbott Products” previously known as “Solvay Pharma”, enters into the structure of “Abbott”: one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. On 2010 the company “Solvay Pharma” entered into the composition of “Abbott”. Uniting the achievements of two companies from different fields of medicine offers great opportunities to improve patient care worldwide.


“Agata Pharm” LTD


Pharmaceutical company “Agata Pharm” was founded in 2000 and was originally known as “Abek Transinter” Ltd. In 2005 the company was renamed to “Agata Pharm” Ltd. The company has 10 pharmacies (in Yerevan), where visitors are offered a high-quality consultancy services for the selection of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. “Agata Pharm” is one of the reliable suppliers of medicines and medical equipment for hospitals and medical institutions of the Republic of Armenia.


“Alfa-Pharm” LTD


Starting from 1996, Alfa-Pharm has been successfully working in Armenian pharmaceutical market. The company imports high-quality medicine from world-known foreign companies. Its pharmacy consists over 80 drag-stores, spread in a number of cities of Armenia, including Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Abovyan, Ararat, Armavir and Kapan. The Company's logistics distribution center is equipped with Austrian "Sheffer" company's cutting-edge assembly line, which fully responds to all the required criteria of medicine warehousing.


“Amikus” LTD


Established in 1997, “Amikus” Ltd. started its business with retail trade of pharmaceutical products. Developing its business during the last 10 years, “Amikus” has become one of the largest importers of pharmaceutical products in Armenia. The company established close relations with pharmaceutical producers from Switzerland, France, Germany, Finland, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, India and Russia.


“Arpimed” LTD


"ARPIMED" pharmaceutical company was established in 2001. The facilities of the company were built by European designers. The company currently produces more than 130 names medicaments, including prophylactic and medicinal agents used in stomatology, antiseptic and disinfecting solutions, diagnostic and cosmetic preparations as well as medicines for veterinary use. By its technological parameters the company meets the international GMP requirements.


“Darmantest Laboratories” LLC


Darmantest Laboratories (DTL) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Bio-Equivalence, Bio-Availability and Bio-Similar Studies for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company offers beginning to end management including but not limited to:


“Esculap” LTD


The company “Esculap” was established in 1996 and as a result of a sustainable development of years of its professional practice is currently one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Armenia. The company is involved in importing drugs directly produced by several famous European pharmaceutical companies and their wholesale and retail business.


“FIC Medical”

Representation in Armenia


Representation of "FIC Medical" in Armenia was officially registered in October 17, 2008, but the products of the company were introduced to the domestic market from 1997. Currently there are five French laboratories in the structure of “FIC Medical”: “Boushara Recordati”, “Mayoly Spindler”, “Omega Pharma”, “Rosa PhytoPharma” and “NIGY”. In March 2008, “FIC Medical” was purchased by Italian concern “Recordati Group”, and currently the company is one of the divisions of this concern. In future, it gives an opportunity to enhance the pharmaceutical production rate in domestic market.


“Gedeon Richter”

Representation in Armenia

GedeonRichter-logoGedeon Richter Plc. is a Hungarian-controlled Central-Eastern European multinational pharmaceutical company. The parent company and its manufacturing subsidiaries in four countries combine to form the region's leading pharmaceutical manufacturing group. The Company’s products are available, through its own distribution network, to the inhabitants of some 100 different countries.


“Lambron-Pharmimpex” LTD


Starting from 1994 company “Lambron-Pharmimpex” has been successfully engaged in the import and wholesale of different types of medicines. In 1998 company “Lambron-Pharmimpex” and Hungarian leading company "Gedeon Richter" established “Richer-Lambron” Armenian-Hungarian pharmaceutical company. "Richter-Lambron" has large warehouses, where all the necessary conditions for medicine store housing are provided.


“Liqvor” LTD


The Company LIQVOR  was established in May 1991 and became the first private enterprise in Armenia producing finished medicines.

Over 23 years of its existence LIQVOR demonstrated a stable and dynamic growth. Steady increase in product range and expanding export markets for products testify the forward development of the company's business.


“Meda Pharmaceuticals Switzerland”

Representation in Armenia

meda-logoThe representation of the company “Meda Pharmaceuticals Switzerland” represents the interests of the company in Armenia from 2009, although it is not yet opened officially. The mission of “Media Pharmaceuticals Switherland” is to represent quality medicines in the territory of Armenia, to enhance the quality of the healthcare industry; and the aims are to give information to the doctors, pharmacists, and other employees of healthcare industry. In the representation 3 specialists are working.


“Medical Horizon” LTD


“Medical Horizon” pharmaceutical plant was established in 2005. Production received its license (K-XX-001038) on May 25, 2007. The plant issued its first production in January 2008, namely Cetamol Suppository (paracetamol), which is intended for children. Plant production technologies are fully in line with international standards. It has been constructed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) Standards. Company is the only plant in Armenia, which carries out the production of Suppositories.


“Natali Pharm” LLC

natali-pharm-logo“Natali Pharm” company was established in 2001. “Natali Pharm” is the biggest distributor of medicines in Armenia for the last years. Company has more than 40 partners, including high quality medicine producing well-known companies: such as “Servier”, “Nycomed”, “Novartis Pharma”, “Novartis Consumer”, “Orion”, “Santen”, “Berlin Chemie AG” etc. In addition, “Natali Pharm” is the exclusive representative of “Krewel Meuselbach”, “Kievmedpreparat”, “Nizhfarm”, “Unipharm” companies in Armenia.


“NIB Pharm” LTD


“New International Business Pharm” (NIB Pharm) is Armenian pharmaceutical company; it was founded in 1994 as a branch of Bulgarian company “New International Business Pharm” and was originally called as “NIB-Armenia”. On February 2000, the company was renamed to “NIB Pharm” (New International Business Pharm). The company is widely recognized in domestic market, it also cooperates with foreign companies and imports medicines from 27 companies of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Korea, Iran, Germany, USA, France and Austria.



Representation in Armenia

pfizer_logoPfizer was founded in 1849 in New-York, and has become the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and biomedical company, leader of the global pharmaceutical market operating in more than 150 countries all over the world.

Today Pfizer Inc. has a leading portfolio of medicines, which prevent, treat and cure diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, and an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products in areas such as oncology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Pfizer products are manufactured in 93 plants located in 40 countries. The main merit of Pfizer is, that in all corners of the globe day and night its products benefit millions of people.


“Pharmagate” LTD

pharmagate logo

Pharmagate® - is a consulting, service and optimum solutions for the industry that produces products:

  • medicines
  • immunobiological products
  • medical devices
  • biologically active substances
  • nutritional supplements and special food
  • products for hygiene
  • medical equipment
  • cosmetics

“Vitamax-E” LLC


The Company "Vitamax-E" has been producing dry biomass of probiotic "Narine " for more than ten years. The company produces more than 15 bacteria, based on which it produces about 50 bacterial medicaments.

For more than five years "Vitamax-E" has been developing , producing and realizing high-quality probiotic "Narine", CDB ( culture of dry biomass in the form of powder and capsules) on the basis of "Narine" Lactobacillus acidophilus Er-2 317/402 strain.


“Yerevan chemical-pharmaceutical firm” OJSC


“Yerevan chemical-pharmaceutical firm” OJSC (YerCPhF) was founded in 1967. It is one of the main Armenian medical producers and has been operating from the Soviet Union times. The main products are injection medicaments, also solid and liquid medicaments. Today, the company exports 70% of its production to Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and other countries.


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