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The Japanese company “Astellas Pharma Inc.” was established in 2005 from the merger of two other companies: “Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” (founded in 1894) and “Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (founded in 1923). The company “Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.” is the European subsidiary of “Astellas Pharma Inc.” The company “Astellas” in aimed at improving the human health all over the world, by means of providing efficient innovative drugs for the areas of transplantology, urology, dermatology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology and oncology. The company’s experience and the targeted use of the resources allows “Astellas Pharma” to maintain leading positions in the development of innovative drugs for such diseases as benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, overactive bladder and a number of infectious diseases.

Due to the constant search, collaboration and deep understanding of the problem “Astellas” offers to the modern medicine a variety of new solutions to many issues. The drugs produced by “Astellas” are a combination of innovative approach and reliability. In many countries of Europe, Asia and America “Astellas Pharma” supports innovative projects that reflect the company’s values in relation to environmental protection, society, medical research and education.

In Armenia as well as other countries, “Astellas Pharma” provides the physicians with the latest approaches to evidence-based medicine by means of symposia and educational programs. “Astellas” is also the main and most reliable partner to different medical associations and the company attends many conferences having its unique role in introducing the modern methods of treatment to health care providers.


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In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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