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Bio-Chem LTD was established in 1991. Till 2007 the organization`s main activities  were the development of cosmetic products formulas, the manufacturing of cosmetic goods and the arrangement of production in Armenian market.Production   introduced by “Nica” brand name in Armenian and Georgian markets. 

In April 2012 the Goverment of Armenia awarded  the brand "Nica"  as  "The best Brand of the Year". 

Since 2007 year Bio-Chem LTD also carry out investigations in the medicine field.

Bio-Chem LTD starts releases of  endodontic dental materials and now produces 16 endodontic dental materials for different purposes. We are the only company in Armenia which develops materials for root canal treatment and desinfection, therapeutic materials, teeth whitening materials, auxiliary dental materials.

Based on the accepted norms of international standards (GMP, ISO) ` Bio-Chem LTD has established a strong quality assurance system, which makes it possible to produce consistently high-quality products.

At the same time, work is underway and almost completed the construction of a new manufacturing unit that meets all the requirements of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

The  products  of Bio-Chem LTD  find their own place in native market due to high quality and acceptable prices.


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Pharma Magazine


In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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