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GedeonRichter-logoGedeon Richter Plc. is a Hungarian-controlled Central-Eastern European multinational pharmaceutical company. The parent company and its manufacturing subsidiaries in four countries combine to form the region's leading pharmaceutical manufacturing group. The Company’s products are available, through its own distribution network, to the inhabitants of some 100 different countries.

Richter blends its hundred-year tradition of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Hungary with state-of-the-art technology. The Company's mission is to improve standards of healthcare by supplying modern and affordable products, and, through its business operations, to contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy and help to boost the nation's competitiveness.

A key factor in the Company’s success is its pool of experience and expertise, accumulated over more than a century. It was in 1901 that the Company’s founder, the pharmacist Gedeon Richter, was first granted an industrial license to produce medicines. He went on to construct Hungary's first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, which was regarded as an outstanding technological achievement in its day. Today, Richter has not only succeeded in retaining its leading position in the domestic market, but has evolved into a Central-Eastern European multinational corporation, with a growing presence in the CIS nations, the European Union and the United States of America.

Richter’s distribution network is unparalleled in central and eastern Europe, extending to cover almost 100 countries in five continents around the world. The Company maintains a direct presence in 30 countries, with a total of four manufacturing sites, 30 representative offices and 14 commercial subsidiaries and wholesalers.

Original pharmaceutical molecular research and unceasing innovation have been defining elements of Richter's strategy since its establishment in 1901. Today, with an 800-strong research and development team, the Company has evolved into the Central-Eastern European region’s most important centre for pharmaceutical research.

Besides carrying out original research, the Company is also engaged in the development of generic drugs and chemical processes. Our original pharmaceutical research activities focus exclusively on the identification of active ingredients that are effective in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, primarily molecules that are suitable for the alleviation of chronic pain, schizophrenia and anxiety. Among Hungarian manufacturers, and even in terms of the Central and Eastern European region as a whole, Richter is the greatest investor in research and development, with a budget of 8% of its sales revenue, or almost HUF 14 billion in 2006.

In recognition of Richter’s outstanding innovative achievements, in 1996 the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) awarded the Company a Gold Medal for registering the highest number of patents. Richter won the Hungarian Innovation Society's Innovation Prize for the development of active ingredients in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2005, and the Society's Grand Innovation Prize in 2003 and 2006. Also in 2006, Richter's antihypertensive product was named "Medicine of the Year."

Richter supports the retention of young, talented specialists, not only at the Company itself, but also in Hungary, at university and other academic research institutes. To this end, the Company runs joint research programs with more than 30 leading university faculties and academic research institutes.

Richter’s commitment to its immediate environment and society in the broader sense takes many forms. On the one hand, its products are used for the purpose of healing, and, through its pharmaceutical research, the Company aims to contribute to the advancement of areas of medicine that have not yet been explored in depth. On the other, we feel an obligation to use the means at our disposal to support community goals through our social programs. It is our conviction that the Company needs to undertake a role in those areas that are closely related to its business activities. Accordingly, the Company is a committed patron of the Hungarian healthcare and education sectors.


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