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pfizer_logoPfizer was founded in 1849 in New-York, and has become the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and biomedical company, leader of the global pharmaceutical market operating in more than 150 countries all over the world.

Today Pfizer Inc. has a leading portfolio of medicines, which prevent, treat and cure diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, and an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products in areas such as oncology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Pfizer products are manufactured in 93 plants located in 40 countries. The main merit of Pfizer is, that in all corners of the globe day and night its products benefit millions of people.

Every business day the company invests $30 mil. (around $7.5 billion annually) in global research and development programs, which aim on finding new cures for a variety of vitally important diseases. 500 research projects are implemented in the largest research centers around the world – USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Singapore and Canada.

Pfizer's world famous brands such as LIPRIMAR, NORVASC, LYRICA, SUTENT, VIAGRA, DIFLUCAN, CELEBREX, ZOLOFT, invented and manufactured by Pfizer, provide the company a leadership position in the global pharmaceutical market.

To ensure, that Pfizer delivers the value, which its patients and customers need, and its shareholders deserve, the company is focused on continually improving of doing business; on operating with transparency in everything is performed; and on listening to the views of all people involved in the healthcare, while taking its managerial decisions. Methods of competitive struggle applied by Pfizer at the market will always be legal and ethical. The company builds its relations with medical colleagues, patients, hospitals, scientists, state regulatory bodies, partners, clients, suppliers and sellers on the principles of responsibility and discipline. Pfizer works over the creation of innovative drugs, efficient systems of product supply and technological solutions. Honesty and fairness in respect of all Pfizer's partners is an invariable rule of company’s work.

Only together we can improve people’s health and make their lives happier!


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EAEU & CIS Pharmaceutical forum 2018

Pharma Magazine


In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.



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