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Les Laboratoires Servier (Servier) is a leading independent pharmaceutical company in France and second French pharmaceutical company in the world founded in 1954.

Servier is present in 140 countries over 5 continents, with more than 20 000 employees, from which close to 3000 in R&D.

Servier specializes in medication for cardiologic and rheumatologic conditions, as well as for diabetes and clinical depression. Over 769 million boxes of drugs were produced by Servier's production sites annually.

Servier invests only in therapeutic areas where there is a real unmet medical need and develops truly innovative drugs to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Servier  invested  25% of  its turnover in research and development. For comparison 14% reinvested in research by top 10 leaders of pharmaceutical industry and 9% reinvested in research by the French industry as a whole. Their very deliberate research policy has achieved significant results. About 90% of Servier’s medicines are prescribed internationally. A turnover of the company for 2012 was 3.9 billion euros. A long history of collaboration has created close relationships with researchers in French universities and institutes such as the INSERM and the CNRS.

In 2002 Servier Laboratories awarded prestigious Prix Galien for quality and dynamism of its therapeutic research.

In Armenia Servier is devoted to educating doctors and medical staff about newest approaches in evidence based medicine in Cardiology, rheumatology endocrinology and other fields. Servier Armenia often organizes scientific conferences and educational programs for doctors eager to have its input into Armenian medical spheres.


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In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.



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