Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)


Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Republic of Armenia was founded on April 2002 in compliance with the RA law on "Chambers of Commerce and Industry". The system of the CCI includes the RA CCI (, Yerevan and Regional CCI, as well as a range of organizations founded by the RA CCI. Yerevan and Regional Chambers according to the RA Law were integrated and established CCI of RA representing their mutual interests. It coordinates the activities held by the Yerevan and Regional Chambers, introduces the system of Chambers both in Armenia and abroad.

Functioning as non-profit and non-commercial organization, RA CCI represents the interests of small, medium and large enterprises, which scopes of activities include all business areas.

The primary mission of the Chamber is the improvement of business environment, promotion of export and investments, support to small and medium enterprises, as a final result providing economic growth.

The aim of RA CCI various activities are directed towards the promotion of economic development of the Republic of Armenia and facilitating its integration into the global economic system, creating favorable conditions for business development, assisting business organizations to create mutually beneficial foreign relations. The considerable part of CCI of RA activity is the protection of business community interests in tax, customs and other business related legislation improvements.

President of RA CCI reserved the right to participate in RA governmental sessions. He is a member of number of governmental committees, including the Business Support Council which chaired by RA Prime Minister, annual Prize Awarding State Commission on the Quality of Goods and Services, in board meetings held by the small, medium and large enterprises Development National Center of Armenia, Export Control Commission for goods and technologies of dual significance.

The Chamber takes active participation in a number of intergovernmental trade and economic commissions with foreign countries (Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Syria, China, Iran, Lebanon, and Cyprus).


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