Ministry of Economy of the RA


Ministry of Economy of the RA is a republican body of the executive authority, which develops the economic policy of the RA government. Departments of the Ministry of Economy of the RA ( are Economic Policy and Strategy Development, EU and International Economic Affairs, Knowledge Economy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion, departments of Industry, High-Tech and IT, Trade and Effective Markets, E-society Formation and E-governance, Tourism and Regional Economic Development. In the framework of the Ministry are operating non-profit organizations and institutions which are subordinated to the Structure.

The aim of the Ministry is to promote to the competition and to the balanced and sustainable economic development, as well as to create conditions for the security of state economic through economic policy development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the results.

The tasks of the Ministry in the development of general ways of RA economy policy are:

  1. The development of Knowledge Economy and Innovation Promotion,
  2. The development of costumers interests protection system, providing conditions for competitive economic development,
  3. To decrease disproportional regional development,
  4. To increase the global competitiveness of the industry, to develop tourism and information technologies,
  5. Business, investment and export promotion, ensuring favorable business and competitive environment at the international level, development of high value service providing sectors,
  6. The development of E-society,
  7. The development of "maximum value for the money" principle in the Ministry and the provision of quality services from the Ministry.

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