Ministry of Healthcare of the RA


The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Healthcare is a republican body of executive authority, which elaborates and implements the policies of the Republic of Armenia Government in the healthcare sector. Structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Healthcare ( are the organization of medical aid, healthcare economics and accounting, scientific, education and personnel management departments, organization of pharmaceutical activities, providing with medicines and technologies, licensing departments. In the framework of the Ministry are operating non-commercial organizations and institutions which are subordinated to the Structure.

Aims and tasks of the Ministry of Healthcare are:

  1. Development and implementation of healthcare development policy, public-purpose programs, development and approval of sanitary rules,
  2. Organizing, managing and financing system activities within its competences,
  3. Development of healthcare-related legislation and legal acts drafts and assurance of the control towards accepted legal acts,
  4. The sanitary-epidemic security insurance of the society,
  5. The organization of population first and professional medical aid and insurance of the services,
  6. Realization of policies implementation of maternal and child healthcare,
  7. Organization of measures for public health improvements,
  8. Organization of medical aid of the population in emergency situations,
  9. Investment of obligatory and willingly medical insurance system,
  10. Insurance of international and intergovernmental cooperation in the healthcare industry,
    1. Studying the population health status, development and implementation of programs for disability and death rate reduction,
    2. Provision of analysis of children and women accommodation and health conditions, determining primary problems of the sphere, development and investment of target programs.

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