The Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise


The Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise was founded in 1992, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), as an organization with managerial, financial and technical independence, and accountable to the Ministry of Healthcare of the RA. The aim of the Centre ( is the implementation of the national medical policy aimed at ensuring of safe, effective, quality medicines availability in RA.

In the structure of the Centre are operating Pharmacological council, scientific board, quality control laboratory, departments of drugs and medical technology expertise and evaluation, expertise of drug import and export, drug expertise and pharmaceutical entities monitoring, rational use of drugs and professional information, monitoring of side and adverse effects of medicinal products, control over narcotics and psychotropic substances, etc.

The main activities of the Centre:

  1. Expert assessment of medicines (including veterinary drugs), herbal drugs, bioactive agents medical cosmetics, medical devices with the purpose of state registration,
  2. Professional expertise of medicines for certification of their import and export,
  3. Specialized expertise of pharmaceutical organizations for assuring the appropriate quality of medicines and other pharmaceutical products, available at the pharmaceutical market of Armenia, as well as detecting counterfeit drugs,
  4. Calculation of an annual demand (quota) of narcotics and psychotropic substances, certification of import and export of narcotics and psychotropic substances, submission of reports to UN International Narcotics Control Board,
  5. Registration of adverse drug reactions and provision of relevant information to the WHO International Program on Monitoring Adverse Drug Reactions (Uppsala, Sweden),
  6. Review and update of the National Essential Medicines List, study of drug prescription practice, carrying out the pharmaco-epidemiological researches, development of optimal schemes of pharmacotherapy,
  7. Expertise of clinical medicine expertise protocols and other required documents, with the purpose of permission of the clinical trials in RA, as well as monitoring of current clinical trials,
  8. Publication of contemporary, objective information on pharmacotherapy, medicines and other pharmaceutical products, as well as guide books, manuals and formularies.
  9. Participation in the development of the RA legislative documents, drug policies and its implementation.
  10. Conduction of studies in the field of medicine and pharmacy, surveys of pharmaceutical market, pharmaco-economic analysis.
  11. Organization of educational workshops and seminars, also in cooperation with WHO and other international organizations.
  12. Participation in under- and post-graduate educational programs (The Centre is the base for Clinical Pharmacology Department of the National Institute of Health MoH RA).

 The Centre employs more than 80 experts of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacy, toxicology, chemistry, and biotechnology. Experts of the Centre regularly participate in the international conferences and advanced trainings. The Centre has observer status in European Pharmacopoeia Commission since 2009. The activity of the Centre has been highly evaluated by WHO and other international organizations.


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