Republican Union of Employers of Armenia


Social-economic issues and legal situation raised a necessity to establish the “Republican Union of Employers of Armenia” ( on 15 November 2007, in accordance with the “Labor Code of RA” and the requirements of the law on “Employers Unions” (adopted in February 2007). Republic Union of Employers of Armenia is a self financing, self-governing, non-profit organization and as a legal entity, according to Legislation of RA is registered by the state register of central body RA Ministry of Justice.

According to “Labor Code of RA” and the law on “Employers Unions”, employers and employees regulate their relationships through social partnership, which is to insure interrelations between employers and employees and advocacy agreement in the labor field.

RUEA unites 6 territorial and 9 sectorial unions and has about 1000 members.

Union’s mission

To be formed as a powerful and influential structure assuring improvement of business environment and advocacy of business community.

Union’s objectives are:

To coordinate its member sectorial and territorial associationss activity.

Legal base continual improvement in social partnership sphere.

Decent work encouragement, in the scope of social partnership, as an important part of country’s social – economic policy.

Within the framework of social partnership, support employment promotion, development of national strategy and state policy, particularly, in the field of youth employment.

To contribute to the development of education-labor cooperation.

To introduce its members’ interests and protect them in labour and social economic relationships, which are directly connected with labour issues.

To become a member of International Organization of Employers and similar international organizations.

In the scope of social partnership, to manage the accord of employers and employees in collective agreements.

Promote SMEs’, and particularly, women entrepreneurship development through continual improvement of business environment.

Support export promotion and increase of productivity and competitiveness.


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In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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