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“Armenian Psychiatric association” is a voluntary, independent, non profit, non governmental organization (APA is the follower of “Neurologists and Psychiatrists Society” from Soviet Union times, which later operated as “Association of Psychiatrists and Anesthesiologists”, and then as “Armenian Association of Psychiatrists”, and on 2009 is re-registered as Armenian Psychiatric Association).

The aims and the objectives are: To support development of psychiatric services in Armenia in accordance with contemporary medical methods and requirements, to support implementation and development of new knowledge, technologies, international public health approaches as well as other achievements in Mental Health, to support elaboration of theoretical and experimental scientific studies that aimed at development of medicine and improvement of Mental Health of population, to support healthy lifestyle advocacy in Armenia, to support links with international Mental Health scientific society, to support professional qualification, continues educations of Mental Health specialists, to promote to the progressive work experience, to protect rights of Mental Health services users and providers.

The highest governing body of “Armenian Psychiatric Association” ( is the Congress, through which the organizing council, president, supervisory board and the executive board is formed.

Since 2009 the association is publishing its official publication; “Armenian Mental health magazine”.

Future projects of APA include, in particular, the establishment of the register of   Armenian psychiatrists and the creation of global network for Armenian psychiatrists, the organization of World Psychiatric Association regional meeting in Yerevan (April 14-17, 2011).

Since 1999 Association is a member of World Psychiatric Association. President of APA Armen Soghoyan is a member of governing body of World Psychiatric Association, representing the Eastern Europe. He is also the editor of the Russian language version of the official journal “World Psychiatry” of the organization.


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In April 2015 Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia and “GXP” Centre of Excellence published the 10th issue of pharmaceutical scientific magazine “PHARMA”.

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